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The Autism Think Tank, NJ, was created to put an end to disjointed medical care for individuals with medically complex autism. Founded by Dr. Paul Abend, The Autism Think Tank is designed to provide a multidisciplinary team approach to the identification and treatment of the complicated medical comorbidities of autism. Comprised of leading experts in autism from renowned teaching hospitals in North America, our distinguished physicians collaborate with families and their local doctors to develop a cohesive plan of care for individuals with medically complex autism.

Using videoconferencing technology, families in rural and underserved areas around the globe have access to our Think Tank experts without the added stress and high costs associated with traveling to reach doctors who understand the medical complexities of autism.

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Medical Experts:

The Autism Think Tank specialists are affiliated with leading teaching hospitals across the US including Harvard Medical School’s Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and UCLA Medical Center.  They are medical experts in the fields of:

  • Neurology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Allergy/Immunology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Pediatric Pain
  • Neuropsychology

The Autism Think Tank helps identify the underlying biological and physiological issues which exacerbate the symptoms of autism and often create a crisis in the family, school, or community.  By medically stabilizing individuals first, greater outcomes in behavioral, therapeutic, and educational interventions should be expected, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Through collaboration with our experts, families and physicians around the world are learning to recognize and treat the comorbid medical conditions of autism.

Families may request a review by the Autism Think Tank, NJ by contacting Sheri Marino at sheri@autismthinktanknj.org. Comprehensive case management is provided.

Mission Statement

The Autism Think Tank, NJ, is an internationally recognized 501(c)(3) (Non-profit) organization whose mission is to facilitate the medical and psychosocial stabilization of the child and family. Bringing together a team of world-renowned medical experts via telemedicine, the Autism Think Tank, NJ is designed to provide a multidisciplinary team approach to the identification and treatment of the complicated medical comorbidities of autism.

The Autism Think Tank is committed to improving the lives of children and families in the home, school and community through comprehensive case management, community outreach, research and education.


The meeting with the Autism Think Tank was amazing.  The doctors at the Think Tank offered me important advice that is giving more hope than I have had in many years.  The professionalism and deep knowledge of autism from the doctors of the Think Tank surpass any doctor’s advice I have received in the past and I could not have met them without this unique format.  Your commitment to our children is incredible and allows me to see the doctors that are leading me to the best chance for my son.  Thank you from both of us.


I really appreciate this group of people. We were at a crossroads and hope to have found a resolution!


I have been working with children for a long time.  Services like this had never been available in the past.  I enjoyed hearing multiple specialists takes and opinions in a single setting environment. Very helpful.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this process.

Dr. Scott Smith

What a wonderful group of dedicated folks providing tech for cutting edge treatment accessible to all!


It was great to have all of the physicians on the case together at the same time.  It allowed for a free flow of communication and for ideas to be shared quickly, rather than the fairly slow exchange of letters and patient encounter notes between multiple doctors.  This communication in turned allowed for the development of a treatment plan for a highly complex patient.

Dr. Jerry Kartnizel
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The Autism Think Tank videoconferences are available to families and physicians around the globe.

Videoconferences are scheduled at least one month in advance and scholarships are available for families who are eligible based on financial need. To have an individual presented to the Autism Think Tank team, a parent should contact us to obtain the necessary paperwork to begin the intake process.
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